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How to Size a Refrigeration Unit

Refrigeration Unit Size Calculations:

To calculate the Refrigeration Unit required you need to work out the volume. Remember that Refrigeration Units work on a standard heat load.

A room with insulated walls (min 150mm Polystyrene) and insulated floors for the freezers, with few lights, one door and not too much opening and closing throughout the day, should bring the desired results. Remember that the condensing unit (outside unit) needs to be installed outside, and in the shade, where it receives the correct amount of cool air.

The "Ambient" refers to the highest average temperature that an area will receive historically in summer months. This is to ensure the units operate adequately even on hot days.

Length x Breadth x Height= Cubic m3
2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 = 13.8 m3

You need to select the desired application: Freezer Room or Cold Room. These units are specified as a holding room, not a drop temperature room. If the product is at ambient temperatures, it can take 12-24+ hours for the unit to reach the desired room temperature.

Drop temperature rooms need to be designed specifically, and can affect the desired cooling performance. These units are usually more powerful and expensive. Contact us for further details on these units.